Building Your Brand Story Together

DV Team

The Basics of Branding

Branding is fundamental to your business. It shows what makes you unique and what your values and characteristics are. Your branding tells your brand story and lets customers experience it. In our studio, designers work daily on creative concepts, creating strategic branding that brings all your expressions together.

Our Methodology in Branding

1. Intake
We will discuss your needs and ideas.
Research: We research competitors, colors and styles that fit your business.

2. Design phase
We combine research and requirements into a concept.

3. Feedback
We discuss the designs to achieve the desired result.

4. Adjustments
Any adjustments will be made.

5. Completion

After your approval, the designs will be used or printed.

Branding or Rebranding?

Whether you need a new corporate identity or want to update your existing style, we are here for you. From small adjustments to a complete new corporate identity, we listen to your needs and translate it into a style that suits you perfectly.

What can we do for you

Want to have a suitable corporate identity created? You are always welcome to stop by or make an appointment to discuss your needs and options.