Baba Management

Artist management agency Baba Management was founded in 2020 by Ömer Karabulut, out of a passion for music. Together with a team of professionals in the entertainment industry, he runs a successful company where he manages several artists, such as: Caza, Murda, and Willie Wartaal. Baba Management wanted a completely new design for their website that would allow them to distinguish themselves from others.


Baba Management had a number of wishes regarding the design of the website; a dynamic design with many graphic elements. Baba Management’s own house style has been maintained in the process of UX research and design. Because they are a management company for various artists, it was important to make the artist pages entertaining and informative for fans and B2B partners. The user-friendliness and cross-media aspect of the website also played a major role during the web development process. It is made easy for visitors to the website to find, in addition to information about the artists, their video clips, Spotify and social media channels.

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