Gio (1986) is a Dutch R&B/Pop singer of Surinamese origin who has been active in the music industry since 2005 as a singer and writer. He has released several singles, including ‘If you cry’, ‘An Other’, ‘And that you know’ and ‘without you’, which are quickly picked up by 100 percent. Gio can’t wait to be on big stages with his own live band. A great wish of Gio is to one day make a Gio&Keizer Album.


The web design and development team have jointly developed a concept based on a UX research into the target group and the trends. Based on this research, the design process and development of the website has started. The premise of Gio’s website is a platform where you can find all of Gio’s social media accounts. You should also be able to easily find his tour dates with ticket link, listen to his recent music and read his biography.

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