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Online success is not only created by means of a beautiful website, a continuous online presence via social media also plays a major role in this. Via social media you show what you offer, that you are transparent and, last but not least, that you stay up to date. Via social media platforms you announce your service/product, mission, vision and you generate traffic, which you transform into turnover with the right approach. Due to the variety of strategic options on the platforms, you can connect your company with your target group. Followers are “fans” who feel stimulated by the right content and want to stay up-to-date about your organization.

Ask yourself, what do you offer your customers through these social media platforms? When answering this question, things often go wrong and the wrong strategies are adopted. To do this well, you need the right approach and expertise. Our professionals are therefore happy to help you make optimal use of various social networks, so that your online findability, brand identity, customer loyalty and turnover can grow successfully.

Our method

Step 1
During the intake interview we discuss your wishes and ideas for your company.

Step 2
Based on your goals and wishes, we devise a suitable social media marketing strategy.

Step 3
To achieve the desired result, we create a content calendar with the unique content created.

Step 4
The created content is planned and possibly promoted in order to achieve the goals.

Step 5
Every month we carry out investigations and keep you informed with an overview.

Step 6
Every month we will discuss the results of the goals and studies and adjust them if necessary.

How do we do this?
We always first talk to you to create a strategy that suits your organization.

Based on this, we create a feed concept and a content calendar, which ensures that the content communicates your brand image to your target group in the right way.

The developed strategy will contribute to the following objectives:

– Increase your brand awareness
– Strengthen your image as an expert
– Connect your target group to your brand
– Differentiate your brand from your competition
– Positively influence your Google ranking (SEO)

Content creation
We ensure that the content we create matches your wishes and the desired target group. We brainstorm together with you about the subject and the desired atmosphere of the content. We then get to work creating and editing the content so that all content is aligned in terms of lighting, use of color, font, etc.. Our Creative team is specialized in creating suitable content for companies.

We do this, for example, by having photos and videos taken on location, using stock photos and supplying your own footage. In addition, we also provide copywriting in the form of slogans, pay-offs, cliff hangers and other texts. We then place that content in custom ‘feed concepts’, which we devise and realize especially for you. This gives your feed its own style, which fits perfectly with your organization.

Analyze & Monitor

Our social media experts are aware of all trends and developments in social media marketing and apply them to achieve your goals. Every month we carry out investigations and keep you informed with an overview.

– Most effective social media channel
– Addressing the target group
– The best time to post content
– Reach by post
– Target group determination per post and per page
– Activities on your social media channels
– Budget spent per post

what can we do for you?
Do you also want to set up a suitable Social Media campaign? You are always welcome to visit us or make an appointment without obligation to discuss your wishes and the possibilities.