Trends for corporate website

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Material Design & Minimalism Brutalism

In our designs, we often combine Material Design with Minimalism Brutalism, leading to modern, clean designs with depth, layers and animations. Are you more of a fan of bold Brutalism with striking colors and fonts? That is also negotiable!

Authentic Photography and Video

With customized, professional photography and video, you will showcase your business to its best advantage. Video backgrounds and parallax scrolling make your website more dynamic and create a unique experience for the visitor.

Asymmetrical Layout, Duotone & Typography

During the design process, we consider different style elements such as asymmetrical layouts, duotone graphics and pronounced typography to give your brand personality and create the right mood.

One-liners, FAQ, Chatbots and Chatboxes

For corporate websites with a lot of information, it is crucial to be concise. We use eye-catching one-liners, FAQ boxes and the latest trend: chatbots combined with chat boxes, to present information in a user-friendly way.

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